Vision & Mission

To make quizzing an imaginative habit for school children, corporate executives and the general public at large, by making it informative, competitive and last but not the least FUN


Our Motivation

For long, quizzing has always been the prerogative of the so-called intellectuals, book-worms and students of high-profile colleges and corporate organizations. And this led to two nomenclatures – quizzers and non-quizzers. Quizzers were people supposed to be people with high IQ and non-quizzers, obviously the ones without that high IQ tag.

We, at LetsGetQuizzical believe that every individual is a quizzer, quizzed the right way.

And thus, we feel the need to promote quizzing as a culture across the board of every type of school and every type of organization where every child, every youngster and every individual gets a chance to unleash his / her imagination and apply the power of the mind and not rely on rote.

In reality, we all are born quizzers, whether we know it or not.

Making quizzing imaginative