Scindia School Inter-House Quiz Challenge

“Very Entertaining Quiz. I could answer a few myself”

A very modest Principal of Scindia School Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat

“It was indeed a fantastic show. Our kids enjoyed it thoroughly… we are truly looking forward for next year …..”

Mrs. Mahvish, Quiz Co-ordinator, Scindia School

Online Quiz for Kommune Arts Pvt Ltd.

It was amazing

Arpit Gupta, Kommune

“It was awesome”

Dhriti Menon, Kommune

Private Groups – Entertainment Industry

Such a good one guys, Thank you Murli. You are the brain saviour of the times of Covid

RJ Malishka Mendonsa, Enthusiastic participant

“Thanks LetsGetQuizzical team. Lots of hard work to bring a smile to our faces

Boman Irani, Winner

Thank you Murli. They were such fun questions….loved it. Thank you so much for indulging us. And that was again a lot of fun…

Mini Mathur & Kabir Khan, Winners

Murliii, i had a super time.. im a quiz freak since childhood. Pls let me know if there r other tournaments. P.s.- u are also a great quizmaster….

Farah Khan, 2nd position

It was a fun game and thank you for navigating it so seamlessly for us. Looking forward to our next game. 

 Shweta Bachchan – 3rd position

The Times Group Online Quiz

It was awesome, thank you so much Murli

Rohit Gopakumar Panicker, CEO

I really enjoyed the quiz. Haven’t taken part in one since I left school in 1990. Please do let me know when you are organising more, would love to participate.

 Siddharth Jalan, Winner

Thanks a lot it was great fun, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the trouble, really appreciate.

 Rohit Dhar, Runner-up

The Alumni League Online Quiz

The quiz was very well organized and well coordinated.  Appreciate the research gone into developing the format and the Questions. You did a phenomenal job in putting the whole session together

Jaideep Chandail & Praneet Chopra Bubber- Team Lawrence School Sanawar – Winners


I would like to congratulate you for the exceptional style and competency with which the Quiz was created and hosted. The effort that went in creating the quiz sections was visible. You reminded me of Sidharth Basu who was very popular in our times- popularly known as the Father of Indian Quizzing. Thanks for giving this beautiful time to us.

 Benu Malhotra. Team Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior, Effervescent Participant

Goya’s Inquizzitors Online Quiz


Thanks MP ! Was good fun.. more on the entertaining side than the likes of “Quizzing Associations”!!!!

Anush Iyer, Winner

Making quizzing imaginative