Domain Specific

LetsGetQuizzical is a specialist in conducting domain specific quizzes in India and Oman.

Murli Pillai, our Quiz Master has a vast and varied experience in conducting Domain-Specific quizzes for participants / teams who are keen on specific themes like Sports, Music, Literature, Information Technology, Movies etc.

Domain Specific

Even within Sports, Music and Movies, our QM has experience in quizzes in Tennis, Wimbledon, Roger Federer, Classic Rock & Hollywood / Bollywood respectively as you can see below…

Domain Specific
Classic Rock Quiz

Of course, at LGQ we can customize quizzes for any domain under the world.

Whether the quizzes are for individuals or for teams with specific interests every quiz addresses the following capabilities of the participant (s)

  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Application of the minds
  • Enthusiasm for the domain of interest

And of course

  • Utilization of knowledge in the specific domain to arrive at the answer

Check out the presentation of our Domain-Specific Quizzes, which has sample questions and with answers too.

And at LGQ we believe that one should try to learn something of everything and everything of something.

And so…LGQ Domain-specific quizzes are for those who have the penchant for their choice of ‘something’ !!!


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