The INQUIZITIVE Inter-House Quiz Challenge, Scindia School, Gwalior

The INQUIZITIVE Inter-house Quiz Challenge Finals were held on November 30th, 2019 at The Assembly Hall, Scindia School, Gwalior based on an initiative by SOBA ( Scindia Old Boys Association )

Mr. Akhil Bansal, Deputy CEO, KPMG, India graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Also present were the Scindia School Principal Mr. Madhav Saraswat, Mrs. Mahvish Quiz CO-ordinator and Mr. U C Bharadwaj along with house masters and prominent SOBA officials.

Two separate quizzes were conducted for the Senior Section ( 8th  – 12th standard students ) between the eight houses and for the Junior Section ( 6th & 7Th standard students ) between four houses. The houses vied for the U. C. Bharadwaj INQUIZITIVE trophy ( Seniors ) & the Khurshid Lakdawala INQUIZITIVE trophy ( Juniors ).


Senior Section

Preliminary Round – Written

A written preliminary round was conducted at the various houses simulataneously where the 8th and 9th standard boys answered 20 questions on an individual basis. Likewise the 10th, 11th & 12th standard boys answered another set of 20 questions again on an individual basis.

Based on the results of the prelims, each house was represented by a team of four students ( two from 8th & 9th and two from 10th, 11th & 12th )

Semi Finals – On Stage

Four houses were on stage for SemiFinal 1 where they quizzed for four rounds with the top two houses qualifying for the finals. The four rounds had inbuilt buzzer questions as well which gauged the team’s quickness of mind and willingness to take risks.

Liewise the other set of four houses were on stage for SemiFinal 2 with the top two houses qualifying for the finals.

Finals – On stage

The top four teams two each from the SemiFinals vied for the INQUIZITIVE trophy where all four rounds were on the buzzer.

Quiz Theme

The theme of the quiz was Name, Place, Animal, Thing – a game played by children of the pre-internet era. Four rounds of questions on Names, Places, Animals and Things with all questions testing the collective thinking of the teams.


Junior Section

The four junior houses were represented by teams of four on stage and went through three rounds of quizzing including buzzer questions. It went to the wire with a tie-breaker question sealing the issue !!!



Seniors – Madhav House
Seniors – Madhav House
Juniors – Dattaji House


Brilliantly answered !!! - Happy QM
I could answer a few too !!! – Modest Principal

It was indeed a fantastic show. Our kids enjoyed it thoroughly… we are truly looking forward for next year …..  Mrs. Mahvish, Quiz Co-ordinator, Scindia School