Pubs & Leisure

LetsGetQuizzical is a specialist in conducting Pub / Leisure quizzes in India and Oman.

Murli Pillai, our QuizMaster has a vast and varied experience in conducting Pub / Leisure quizzes in pubs like Nirvana, Nuts & Bolts, Prive ( Muscat ) and Quarter Pillar ( Mumbai ) for participants / teams who are keen on a fun-filled evening with the quiz focusing on lighter topics like Music / Movies / Fashion / Food & Beverages etc.

Pubs & Leisure
Pubs & Leisure

Whether the quizzes are for individuals or for teams every quiz addresses the following capabilities of the participant (s)

  • Quirky thinking
  • Application of the mind
  • Enthusiastic participation

And of course

  • Utilization of knowledge to arrive at the answer

Check out the presentation of our Pub / Leisure Quizzes, which has sample questions and with answers too.

And LGQ’s Pub / Leisure quizzes are for those who want to have fun and at the same time have a can-do attitude with a can in hand  !!!


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